End-time Signs: Has the Holy spirit Left the Church System?

Come Out Of Her My People: Rev 18:4

End Time Signs: Has the Holy Spirit Left the Church System?

If you would like us to assist you to prepare for the return of the Lord, contact us at getreadyforthelord@gmail.com or call 888-818-1117. You may also leave a private comment or question below:

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Get Your End-time Coaching Tool!

Come Out Of Her My People: Rev 18:4

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One of the main purposes of “the Church of the End-time Zombies: A Guide To Religious Detox” is to prepare YOU to stand alone as the author did for 8 of the 11 years she has been out of organized religion. Once Pam Sheppard started the online Christian fellowship called RESCUE, she now has supportive friends from several American states and others from South Africa, Dubai, India, Antigua, Finland and Canada. A prolific writer, Pam’s books are really an outgrowth of her main passion: deliverance counseling and pastoring. So this book is a labor of love to all the people around the world that Pam would love to personally pastor, particularly those who have been damaged and deceived by religion as peddled by “the religious.”

Since she is without the resources and capability to…

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Crucified: By The Church???

Come Out Of Her My People: Rev 18:4

Many sincere and unassuming church-goers are taught to frustrate the grace of God by preaching and teaching a false gospel of choice, followed by an encouragement of false, yet generally accepted religious practices and behaviors. The deception comes in when the person believes such rhetoric and displays such behaviors by acting on them to acquire the “favor of God” or even acceptance from other supposed mature, spiritual believers. The result is a denial of the cross and of the true power of the resurrected JESUS CHRIST OF NAZARETH. Moreover, it leaves the believer in even worse shape than when they decided to follow the LORD. They become disillusioned and even desensitized to the real truth of GOD.

The following words from my pastor reflects on the nature of spiritual abuse that is prevalent through the institutional church around the globe:

“In a recent session with A RESCUE member, a truth…

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One year in RESCUE, Yesterday!

You know, I have been a little distracted lately, but I knew I was coming up on ONE year in Rescue. Well, I realized this morning that yesterday was one year since I entered the RESCUE fellowship. I can say without a doubt, that it has been WONDERFUL to be around Truth and people who appreciate the depth of God and those who are willing to release their PRIDE so that they may become undeceived. I knew that God would not keep himself from me. I remember thinking back, not really voicing it (because who would I have voiced it to?) Lord how would I become a fruitful person? How would I know that I am living for you as completely as possible? I knew the face that was upon Christianity inside the church walls did not exemplify Jesus. I had been in out of the church, even for many years at a time, but how to experience true fellowship in the Lord, I knew not. And then it was through my search online where I began desperately seeking for answers, when the Lord directed me to an article that Pam had posted regarding her search for compatible souls. The rest is history. Today I am just as thrilled to be a part of RESCUE as I have been from the start, and extremely grateful to the Lord for His directing me to you all. It has been a pleasure.
For you newbies- do not try to over think anything. The Lord has called you here for your benefit and for the benefit of HIS ELECT, for the knowledge within this platform and the wisdom that Pam has brought forth, far exceeds anything the church in the world can deliver. Why?… because Rescue is about learning how to get FREE and stay FREE in JESUS, and once He causes you to become born again, KNOWING Him in the power of His resurrection, without the distraction of ungodly religious practices and behaviors. Honor the one who has been called to look out for your souls. Pam is a true GEM!